Stock market loan

Interest rate as a basis for default interest. In addition, the deduction in the year of the deposit is fully tax-deductible, if this is customary in the market.

His main areas of activity are payroll accounting in the balance sheet, payroll tax and surplus accounts. In payroll accounting Mike Shers is a proven connoisseur. Manfred-Geiken is a specialist in payroll accounting. Dr. Juris Hendun is a specialist in payroll accounting. He is a lecturer at the umbrella organization of the GKV. The lawyer Marco Ferdinand  is a partner, lawyer and specialist lawyer for employment law and construction manager of Bernard.

Since his admission to the bar in 2003, he has worked particularly hard in the areas of restructuring of labor law, individual employment law, collective labor law and occupational pensions.

Dr. Marcus Spahn is spokesman in the Ministry of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia. Dr. Stephan Willcken, born in 1957, studied law at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg, lawyer specializing in employment law, managing director at Sudrest and the Southwest Business Association in Freiburg, adviser to the REFA Association and the educational development agency of Baden-Württemberg.

Gift-tax benefits for a low-interest or non-interest-bearing loan to a related party.

Gift-tax benefits for a low-interest or non-interest-bearing loan to a related party.

If a related party is granted an interest-free loan or an interest rate below the market interest rate, this is essentially a gift tax procedure that – if the corresponding tax-exempt amounts are exceeded – can initiate gift tax. In the case of a loan with a low interest rate, in these cases the decisive gift tax advantage must be calculated from the difference between the demonstrable market interest rate and the collectively agreed interest rate.

If the contractually agreed interest rate is only slightly below the market interest rate, a generous grant can not be assumed. The same applies to non-interest-bearing loans. The benefit advantage here results from the sum of the proven normal market interest rate. Scale is the market rate. Therefore, it should be determined at what rate the borrower would have been able to obtain a loan from a credit company under the given conditions, such as loan size, creditworthiness, collateral and duration.

Recommendation for action: The market interest rate should be determined and recorded through a bank offer or, for example, a takeover offer via an internet portal. If the Stpfl. If the amount of the normal market interest rate on the loan can not be proven, the law provides for a comparative interest rate of 5.5%.