Loans for housewife

The working wife was sole breadwinner, the wife was a classic “housewife” and virtually no income of their own. There is no longer a separate loan for housewives today. Comparable loans are granted under the term “small loans”. Loans give women financial scope even without income.

Loans for housewives only with sufficient salary of the man.

Loans for housewives only with sufficient salary of the man.

When lending, the lender always has a crucial interest in the feasibility of recovering the amount credited according to the maturity of the loan. Therefore, he will provide the security of the borrower very thoroughly. For mortgages or an already slightly overhauled property eg by the burden of land. serves to secure the claim.

For the fact that the borrower can not fulfill the loan transaction – together with the loan amount developed from it, the creditor remains the possibility of an auction by court order of the loaded property. Above all, in the case of short-term or small-value credits in which the charge of real estate or the transfer of a property due to the complex and occasionally long process of the cargo would not be worthwhile, the creditor will especially insist on a regular income of a certain amount.

Although not immediately convincing, such a result is usually considered a guarantee of the debtor’s financial solvency. Just granting the result is of crucial importance in this position, which is why it is often difficult, for example among self-employed, to obtain appropriate loans. They are often classified as risk groups, especially by traditional lending institutions.

Secure your family loan

Secure your family loan

Families also belong to this so-called risk group. So, for example, they do not have their own salary in the narrow sense. They receive very different achievements such as care allowance or child-care allowance, but these are barely usable in terms of their amount or in terms of securing a credit. For example, the number of predominantly lending institutions tends to fetch collateral, if any, from householder loans, especially to the existing man.

Household women, therefore, receive loans only if the man has an appropriate salary in the above sense. Instead of securing the credit of your own income, therefore, the salary of the husband occurs here. By doing so, the lender hopes to secure the loan sufficiently. Thus, the man is usually in an economic plight to support the woman, especially with many married couples no asset separation takes place explicitly.

In certain circumstances, the man has to be financially responsible for his wife. Thus, there is additional security for the creditor, in whose view the housewife can not grant sufficient collateral. Upon grant, he will give priority to the spouse’s salary.

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